Celebrity Travellers & Expert Speakers 2019

Celebrity Travellers & Expert Speakers

Access a wealth of travel expertise and inspiration at our Traveller’s Tales Theatre. Enjoy complimentary talks from our line-up of knowledgeable expert travel agents and celebrity personalities, be inspired as they share accounts of their own travel experiences and other essential advice for the discerning traveller. Hear exhilarating stories from our inspirational personalities in the Traveller’s Tales Theatre with confirmed appearances from the likes of intrepid adventurers the Turner Twins, art historian and broadcaster Dan Cruickshank and writer Monisha Rajesh.

Luxury Travel Fair | 7-10 November 2019 | Olympia London | Tailor-Made Luxury Holidays | Celebrity Travellers Behzad Larry

Behzad Larry - Thursday 7 November - 3PM

An avid explorer, Behzad specializes in documenting the remote reaches of the world. As a keen adventurer, his journeys have taken him through the remote landscapes of Himalayas, Central Asia, and the Tibetan Plateau for almost a decade. Behzad is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is a Nikon Pro. Originally from the small town of Mhow, in central India. He has lived and worked across North America, Eastern and North-Western Africa, and South Asia. He has served as a William J. Clinton Fellow, and is a trained historian from Colby College (USA), where he was a Ralph J. Bunche Scholar. 
Besides English, Behzad also speaks Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, and has studied Arabic and Farsi. His photography has been published in the likes of the Financial Times: How to Spend It, Forbes, Conde Nast Brides, The Times and Harper’s Bazaar. 
Luxury Travel Fair | 7-10 November 2019 | Olympia London | Tailor-Made Luxury Holidays | Celebrity Travellers The Turner Twins

Turner Twins - Friday 8th November - 1pm

Hugo and Ross Turner, collectively known as The Turner Twins, are pioneering modern adventurers. Through their expeditions, they continue the search for new knowledge and inspire positive change.

They are currently on a global series to find the worlds Poles of Inaccessibility. These Poles are defined by being the furthest points away from a coastline. They found the centre points of Australia, south American and north America. Most recently, they reached the Iberian pole of inaccessibility on fully electric motorcycles. They currently have four poles left to reach; Madagascar, Greenland, Eurasia, Atlantic Pole and Point Nemo in the Southern Ocean.

Luxury Travel Fair | 7-10 November 2019 | Olympia London | Tailor-Made Luxury Holidays | Celebrity Traveller Dan Cruickshank

Dan Cruickshank - Saturday 9 November, 1pm

Dan Cruickshank is a writer, art historian, architectural consultant and broadcaster who has made numerous history and culture programmes and series for the BBC including Around the World in Eighty Treasures; Adventures in Architecture; Under Fire: culture and conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel and the Occupied Territories; Egypt: an architectural history; House Detectives (including the story of Lord Clive’s house in Calcutta); Britain’s Best Buildings; The Battle for Baghdad: the story of the attack on the Iraq Museum; Marvels of the Modern Age; The Country House Revealed; Bridges that shaped London; Britain’s Royal Palaces; Warsaw: Reconstructing History, a history of the British home – Cruickshank at Home with the British., and The Road to Palmyra: the attack on history in Syria.  


Cruickshank is the author of The Rape of Britain (with Colin Amery); London: the Art of Georgian building; A Guide to the Georgian Buildings of the British Isles and Ireland; Life in the Georgian City; A History of the Royal Hospital Chelsea; The Secret History of Georgian London: how the sex industry shaped the capital; Bridges: Heroic Designs that Changed the World; A History of Architecture in a 100 Buildings, Spitalfields: a History of a Nation in a Handful of Streets, and Skyscraper: pioneering high rise buildings in Chicago and New York.  Cruickshank is editor of the 20th edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s History of Architecture, is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, was an editor on the Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review, a visiting Professor of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, has served on the executive committee of the Georgian Group and on the Architecture Panel of the National Trust, is a founding Trustee of the Spitalfields Historic Buildings Trust, of SAVE Britain’s Heritage and of the campaign to rebuild the Euston Arch. He is President of the Bristol based Anglo-Polish Society and a Freeman of the Carpenters’ Company and of the City of London, and is an Honorary member of the Travellers’ Club. Cruickshank lectures extensively on architecture, with a focus on travel and on now often inaccessible and threatened cultural treasures, and has led tour groups and lectured for cruise companies including Swan Hellenic, Viking, P&O and Princess Cruises.

Luxury Travel Fair | 7-10 November 2019 | Olympia London | Tailor-Made Luxury Holidays | Celebrity Traveller Monica Rajesh

Monisha Rajesh - Sunday 10 November - 1pm

Monisha Rajesh is a British journalist and travel writer whose writing has appeared in Time magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph in which she wrote a monthly column about travelling the world by train. Her first book Around India in 80 Trains (2012) was named one of The Independent’s top ten books on India, and her second book Around the World in 80 Trains was published this year to great acclaim. “A rare rising star of the genre”, (Daily Mail), Monisha was born in Norfolk and mostly raised in Yorkshire – with a brief stint in Madras. She currently lives in London with her husband and two daughters.