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At Traveljar, our goal is for all of our guests to have a unique and personal experience travelling with us while knowing that they have helped in our mission to support conservation and community engagement projects.

By sharing your travel dreams with us, we will work hard to ensure that you will not only have a great time on your holiday, but also that your adventure will make a real difference. We pride ourselves on the fact that the lodges and hotels we use match our passion for conservation, community engagement and environmental enhancement and are dedicated to helping our charitable partners in their work.

We believe that people are looking for a deeper way to connect to the destinations they visit and that travel can open the door to understanding conservation, our environment and other cultures. As a global community, it is possible to live in harmony with our incredible wildlife and the habitats they flourish in, but this requires united effort, singular focus and awareness...or what we like to call, purposeful travel.