Is Morus Villas

Stand E15


An unrepeatable and unique place that combines the gifts of a Mediterranean oasis with a unique conception of Hospitality. You stay and eat in your independent Villas, or in the seaside restaurant set in nature. You will live by yourself by the sea, between laurels, myrtles, junipers, eucalyptus and olive trees. 7 hectares of paradise with a private beach, to let you breathe a boundless intimacy with the complicity of a discreet and exclusive service. Combining relaxation and leisure, the pleasure of taking care of yourself and of your loved ones, itineraries and activities, events and special occasions, in harmony with nature and with oneself. Offering you, at any time, a choice of value and values.

The Charm of a Personal Villa and the luxury of a private nature.

9 Villas with Patio, Private Garden and Jacuzzi, overlooking the beach or immersed among the trees and flowers of the natural park. Choosing a Villa means searching and finding an exclusive freedom, without sacrificing the pleasure of being pampered by the hotel's facilities.