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Explora SA

Stand: LT-B28
Explora SA

Explora Journeys, a vibrant cosmopolitan European luxury lifestyle brand is redefining ocean travel for a new generation of discerning travellers. With the first of six luxury ships scheduled to set sail in 2023, remarkable itineraries will blend renowned destinations with lesser-travelled ports for a journey that celebrates discovery. With 461 oceanfront suites, every guest will enjoy sweeping sea views from their private terraces all while being spoilt for choice with sophiticated dining options at 18 venues, providing unrivalled variety at sea. Our advisor policies are bold, and put YOU at the centre

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  • At home in the remote wild, EXPLORA I sails where mountains have no names, paved roads are few, and vast wildernesses are gateways beyond the knowable realm.
  • Brasil is a wonderland where waterfalls roar, rainforests thrive and horses thunder across the wild pampas. Sail with us as we trace an emerald coast, mapping one stunning highligh after the next
  • Orchid-scented breezes lead us on an extended Caribbean journey to sail a sea of sensory overload
  • The land of opportunity is not just a moniker, it also applies to experiences that go beyond the superficial to delve deep into the soul of North America.
  • Rarified worlds collide to create an extended journey of unbound proportions. Epic overnights in Iceland thaw into immersive experiences in Scotland and Denmark whilst days at sea find you dancing on ...
  • This Grand Journey sails the crumpled coast of Norway and the craggy islands of Lofoten. Utterly indefinable, Iceland bursts forth with huffing volcanoes, exploding geyseys, and flower-filled alpine f ...
  • Join the maiden journey of EXPLORA I as she sets sail from Barcelona next May. A champagne-studded journey marks the most anticipated moment in discerning travel: the Maiden Inaugural Journey of EXPLO ...


  • Discover Explora Journeys, sailing from May 2023


  • Geneva, Switzerland, 18 July 2022 – Explora Journeys today released their first set of Destination Experiences, as part of the Mediterranean Inaugural Journeys Collection of EXPLORA I. The luxury life ...
  • Geneva 18 July 2022 – Explora Journeys today unveiled the design of their Ocean Terrace Suites on its first ship, EXPLORA I, ahead of her maiden journey in May 2023. Explora Journeys was born from a l ...
  • Geneva, Switzerland 11 August 2022 – Explora Journeys announces their unique culinary and beverage     `journey of discovery` across a total of 18 distinct venues when it welcomes guests on board EXPL ...
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