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Luxury Travel Fair Traveller Tales Theatre Schedule


Adventure Tales: In conversation with travel writers Karen Edwards, Nick Hunt, Ash Bhardwaj and Rae Boocock, hosted by Jessica Vincent.

05 Nov 2022

Join National Geographic journalist Jessica Vincent as she speaks to four authors included in The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century, a new anthology voted “Best Travel Book of 2022” by The Independent, Wanderlust and National Geographic Traveller. In this talk, we’ll take you behind the scenes of an eye-opening visit to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, a family pilgrimage through India, travelling responsibly in Pakistan and walking England’s south coast path. The panellists will also share their favourite destinations, tips on planning your next adventure, and how we can better serve the places we visit.  

Each writer will discuss the “behind the scenes” of their individual travel article - why they chose that destination, what surprised them and what challenges they faced: 

Ash Bhardwaj – India

Nick Hunt – Ethiopia

Karen Edwards - Pakistan

Jessica Vincent, Travel Journalist and Editor
Karen Edwards, Editor and Author
Nick Hunt, Travel Author
Ash Bhardwaj, Filmmaker and Adventurer
Rae Boocock, Freelance Writer and Editor - Sonder & Tell