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Through Sand & Snow: 43,000 miles on a bicycle, with Charlie Walker, British Explorer

03 Nov 2022
Aged 22, Charlie Walker set out on a bicycle journey that was to span 4 years and cover more than 43,000 miles through 60 countries. It was his first long journey. He was young and naive; powered by curiosity and a lust for life. Challenges on the road included crossing the Sahara twice, pedalling illegally through Tibet in winter, and battling with mosquitos and churned mud roads in a Central African monsoon. Yet, as a solo outsider thrust into a succession of societies, the biggest surprise was the kindness of strangers he encountered. Along the way Charlie was welcomed into mud huts, mosques and monasteries, as he began to understand that kindness is the rule rather than the exception.
Charlie Walker, British Explorer, Writer and Public Speaker