Thjinking of Booking a Retreat Style Holiday? The Ten Essential questions to ask Before You Sign Up', with Helen Bell, Romancing the Ordinary

Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 14:00 to 14:45
Traveller’s Tales Theatre - Sunday 4th November - Sunday 4th November

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Helen who has always been an intrepid traveller and adventurer  has ridden the spectacular mountain roads of India on an old Royal Enfield motorcycle, flown and free fall  parachuted out of a number of lovely old vintage aeroplanes,  skied her way down  mountains around the world and slept under the stars on live-aboard dive boats in remote locations so that she could dive amongst sharks and other amazing marine life.  More recently she took up sailing which she enjoys with her partner Les with whom  she shares her life and their two homes one here in England and the other tucked away  in the  forests of the French Riviera in the  South of France from where they operate their new and somewhat unusual  Retreat style holiday business “Romancing the Ordinary”. 

Before this exciting career change Helen had  raced through life as a successful  corporate lawyer and partner in a commercial  law firm where she found herself  immersed in a relentless lifestyle of 12 plus hour working days, constantly plugged into a digital world from which there seemed to be no escape.   Increasingly she started to  book herself  onto Retreat style holidays as a means of pressing the pause button to unwind  and destress but interestingly found the whole  process of finding a suitable retreat that met her needs and expectations a confusing and sometimes overwhelming one due to the fact that there are so many different types of holidays out there that describe themselves as “Retreats”.

In her lively presentation Helen unravels the mysteries of the world of “Retreats” by explaining and answering some important questions such as  “What is a Retreat?”  “Why would you book one?” and “What questions should you ask your Retreat host before getting your credit card out to sign up? 



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