In Conversation with Dan Cruickshank

Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 13:00 to 13:45
2019 - Traveller's Tales Theatre - November

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Lucy Farrell
Condé Nast Traveller Events and Projects Coordinator


Dan Cruickshank is a writer, art historian, architectural consultant and broadcaster who has made numerous history and culture programmes and series for the BBC including Around the World in Eighty Treasures; Adventures in Architecture; Under Fire: culture and conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel and the Occupied Territories; Egypt: an architectural history; House Detectives (including the story of Lord Clive’s house in Calcutta); Britain’s Best Buildings; The Battle for Baghdad: the story of the attack on the Iraq Museum; Marvels of the Modern Age; The Country House Revealed; Bridges that shaped London; Britain’s Royal Palaces; Warsaw: Reconstructing History, a history of the British home – Cruickshank at Home with the British., and The Road to Palmyra: the attack on history in Syria.  

Cruickshank is the author of The Rape of Britain (with Colin Amery); London: the Art of Georgian building; A Guide to the Georgian Buildings of the British Isles and Ireland; Life in the Georgian City; A History of the Royal Hospital Chelsea; The Secret History of Georgian London: how the sex industry shaped the capital; Bridges: Heroic Designs that Changed the World; A History of Architecture in a 100 Buildings, Spitalfields: a History of a Nation in a Handful of Streets, and Skyscraper: pioneering high rise buildings in Chicago and New York.  Cruickshank is editor of the 20th edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s History of Architecture, is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, was an editor on the Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review, a visiting Professor of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, has served on the executive committee of the Georgian Group and on the Architecture Panel of the National Trust, is a founding Trustee of the Spitalfields Historic Buildings Trust, of SAVE Britain’s Heritage and of the campaign to rebuild the Euston Arch. He is President of the Bristol based Anglo-Polish Society and a Freeman of the Carpenters’ Company and of the City of London, and is an Honorary member of the Travellers’ Club. Cruickshank lectures extensively on architecture, with a focus on travel and on now often inaccessible and threatened cultural treasures, and has led tour groups and lectured for cruise companies including Swan Hellenic, Viking, P&O and Princess Cruises.
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