John Berry


With African roots stretching back to 1820, John Berry grew up as a free-range all-organic kid in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In 1995, John co-founded Zambezi Safari and Travel Company in Zimbabwe and continues to serve as Managing Director. In 1998 the company's head office relocated to the UK, in 2012 the company was incorporated in the USA. John served as UK Director for the ATTA, the African Travel and Tourism Association. In the early safari days Zambezi Safari and Travel Company concentrated on walking and canoe safaris from Kariba in Zimbabwe's lower Zambezi Valley. Before long the search for other remote spaces had the Zambezi team operating further afield in southern, East and Central Africa. The company uses mainstream travel hubs through Africa but concentrates on safaris in the quieter and wildest fringes of the safari world where crowds are thin, challenges are usually greater and the rewards richer.
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