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20 Sep 2022

Leading European travel company launches in the UK

Travel Essence Stand: LT-E10
Leading European travel company launches in the UK
Founder of TravelEssence, Andrew Morten has been in the tourism industry for over 30 years

A specialist in bespoke holidays to Australia and New Zealand, TravelEssence is expanding to the UK. Founded by New Zealander Andrew Morten in 2006, the company has become a market leader in personalised travel within Europe.

Offering a uniquely local way of travelling, TravelEssence takes a personal approach with their clients and suppliers. Each holiday is unique and custom-made because clients have their own wishes and preferences. 

TravelEssence works directly with over 2000 small-scale accommodations. This allows clients to experience the local lifestyle by staying with Australian or New Zealand hosts. 

“As a New Zealander, I want travellers to be able to experience Down Under the same way as the locals do.” Founder of TravelEssence, Andrew Morten

TravelEssence focuses on bespoke holidays away from the main tourist areas to give clients an authentic local experience whilst supporting small businesses. Each accommodation and activity are hand-selected. 

“The locals know exactly what places make their country special and unique, and that is the experience they want to share with their clients.” Founder of TravelEssence, Andrew Morten

With a head office located in Zeist, The Netherlands, branches in several locations in Germany, and the launch of TravelEssence in the United Kingdom, the company is rapidly growing. 

About TravelEssence  

TravelEssence is an independent, owner-managed Australia and New Zealand travel specialist, first launched in 2006 by New Zealander Andrew Morten. The head office is in the Netherlands with branches in Germany and more recently the UK.

TravelEssence has an average client rating of 9.4 from over 1300 reviews.

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