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Japanese Huts


Access a wealth of expertise and inspiration at our Traveller’s Tales Theatre

We've gathered the industry's best to bring you insider tips, expert advice and truly inspirational stories. As a discerning traveller, we know you are looking for experiences that are unique and out of this world! 

Enjoy complimentary talks from our line-up of knowledgeable travel experts and personalities and be inspired as they share accounts of their own travel experiences and other essential advice for the discerning traveller. 

03 Nov 2022
  1. Food Trends with Sarah James, Deputy digital editor, Condé Nast Traveller, with Gemma Bell, Founder of Gemma Bell and Company.
  2. Spa & Wellness Trends with Lydia Bell, Features editor, Condé Nast Traveller and Denise Leister ILA Spa Founder.
  3. Aged 22, Charlie Walker set out on a bicycle journey that was to span 4 years and cover more than 43,000 miles through 60 countries. It was his first long journey. He was young and naive; powered by curiosity and a lust for life. Challenges on the road included crossing the Sahara twice, pedalling illegally through Tibet in winter, and battling with mosquitos and churned mud roads in a Central African monsoon. Yet, as a solo outsider thrust into a succession of societies, the biggest surprise was the kindness of strangers he encountered. Along the way Charlie was welcomed into mud huts, mosques and monasteries, as he began to understand that kindness is the rule rather than the exception.

  4. Ed Paine will talk about the early voyages that crossed the Atlantic and first explored the Latin American continent, from Magellan's ship "Vittoria" to the little Beagle, on which Charles Darwin elaborated his ideas about Evolution. His talk will cover the Drake Passage, Pacific seaboard and enchanted islands of the Galapagos.

  5. Antarctica and the Arctic with Robin West, Vice President and General Manager, Seabourn Expeditions.

    Robin has spent 20 years in the Expedition Industry, he’s operated 80 Antarctica sailings (which adds up to about 365 days of being in the Drake Passage), 70 Arctic sailings, including Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland and Canada, 40 Kimberley sailings in Northern Australia,  200 Dives (with guests) as Divemaster throughout the South Pacific, Easter Island to Papua New Guinea.  He’s  landed (with guests) on some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible destination. Such as Pitcairn Island, Tristan da Cunha and Point Wild, Elephant Island where Shackleton and his men were stranded.

04 Nov 2022
  1. In 2019 Alex completed his epic The Last Overland expedition, playing homage to one of the most iconic and challenging road journeys, the 1955 Far Eastern Expedition from London to Singapore. To recreate this historic journey (this time in reverse from Singapore to London) Alex worked alongside one of the original team, Tim Slessor – a sprightly 87-year-old at the time. Alex and his support team forged a path across dense rainforests, towering mountain ranges and arid deserts, travelling 10,000 miles from Singapore and returning the car back home to the UK.

    The Last Overland: Singapore to London: The Return Journey of the Iconic Land Rover Expedition, with a foreword by Tim Slessor, was published by Michael O’Mara on 29th September 2022. The book also coincided with a four-part documentary series, which is currently available to watch on All 4 and is being distributed through Entertainment One (eOne) globally.

  2. African Safaris with Lisa Grainger, Deputy & Travel Editor, Times Luxx.
  3. Cruise Adventures with Simon Leadsford, Publishing Director, Condé Nast Traveller with Sabrina Piscioneri from Viking Cruises.
  4. Join Marlo as they uncover some delicious wines perfect for the Autumnal season. They'll be exploring a range of high end wine regions from around Europe, some well-known and others relatively undiscovered. It's an exciting tasting not to miss!  


    2021 La Cappelletta Portofino

    2021 Selladore Rosé X MARLO

    2015 El Terroir, Domaines Lupier

05 Nov 2022
  1. Join National Geographic journalist Jessica Vincent as she speaks to four authors included in The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century, a new anthology voted “Best Travel Book of 2022” by The Independent, Wanderlust and National Geographic Traveller. In this talk, we’ll take you behind the scenes of an eye-opening visit to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, a family pilgrimage through India, travelling responsibly in Pakistan and walking England’s south coast path. The panellists will also share their favourite destinations, tips on planning your next adventure, and how we can better serve the places we visit.  

    Each writer will discuss the “behind the scenes” of their individual travel article - why they chose that destination, what surprised them and what challenges they faced: 

    Ash Bhardwaj – India

    Nick Hunt – Ethiopia

    Karen Edwards - Pakistan

  2. The Future of Adventure Travel with Toby Skinner, Features Director, Condé Nast Traveller with Underwater Explorer Andy Torbet and Wild Frontiers' Jonny Bealby.

  3. Solo Female Travel with Sarah Allard, Digital Editor, Condé Nast Traveller, Meera Dattani, Noo Saro-Wiwa, Author and Features Writer for Condé Nast Traveller.
  4. Travels in Pakistan and the Art of Responsible Travel In Conversation with Karen Edwards hosted by Jessica Vincent.
  5. Sri Lanka offers most diverse experiences for travellers than any other country within a short space of time. Sri Lanka is back to normal and it is safe to travel now. Sri Lanka is all year around tropical destination with amazing wild and marine life (elephants, leopards, sloth bear, Blue whales, birds  & more), finest beaches, ancient culture with 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, colourful food, friendly locals & plenty of hiking & tracking experiences. Get to know Sri Lanka and fall in love again.

06 Nov 2022
  1. The Future of Luxury Travel with Simon Leadsford, Publishing Director, Condé Nast Traveller with Jules Maury, Scott Dunn Private Travel.
  2. Dreaming of India with Simon Leadsford, Publishing Director, Condé Nast Traveller with Tanya Dalton, Greaves Travel.
  3. Tourism leaves a fairly large environmental footprint. However, we as travellers can minimise and offset it if we make the right decisions. Andrew Morten, Founder of TravelEssence will discuss how you can help make travel more sustainable. Discover unique sustainable experiences in New Zealand and Australia. Each encounter is operated by people who have a huge passion for the environment and who would love to share their part of the world with you. From staying at eco-friendly accommodations, nestled in nature to replanting trees in ancient rainforests, we can take an action-driven approach and use the positive power of tourism. This enables us to support local communities and help them keep our world beautiful.