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Explore Svalbard on a Small Ship with 12 Guests

Secret Atlas Travel Stand: LT-B22

Welcome to our Arctic cruises! What makes Secret Atlas different? We offer the smallest group sizes available in Svalbard. In this video, you will get an impression of what it is like to visit Svalbard on an Expedition Micro Cruise. Secret Atlas was founded to offer an alternative to large vessels. We feel the experience of exploring a place in a small group is a far richer experience for our guests and has a much lower impact on the fragile environments we visit. As large cruise ships become more luxurious the expedition feeling has become lost. Secret Atlas works with real expedition vessels and offers an authentic expedition experience on all our voyages. We offer the richest experience in Svalbard on our Expedition Micro Cruises with 12 Guests or our Small Ship Explorer Cruises with 48 Guests. Secret Atlas offers Svalbard cruises from April - September departing from Longyearbyen. Svalbard is home to 2,000 glaciers, an abundance of Arctic wildlife, and the most northerly town on Earth. It offers some of the most beautiful Arctic scenery and is considered Europe's last great wilderness.

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