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Product Launches and Offers

Japanese Huts

Product Launches and Offers

We have a number of channels through which you can share news of your brand and your travel packages and products to our Luxury Travel Fair audience.

Keep us informed via your marketing form of what you are doing and we can distribute it through our campaign, giving you extra exposure! 

Show Newsletters and Social Media

As well as uploading your company details within the Exhibitor Zone, if you have a new launch or some big news, make sure you let us know so we can share and promote this! We are always looking for ways to get exciting content out to our audiences, whether that is via e-newsletter emails, website content or on our social media channels.

So make sure you send us details about any interesting new launches and brand stories that you think our visitors would be interested in hearing about and may encourage them to visit your stand at the show! 

Keep us up to date via your marketing form or by emailing